Malcolm McCallum

New Zealand Singer/Songwriter

Mal is a KIWI singer and writer based in Auckland New Zealand. He lived and worked in Sydney for many years, and plays regularly in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand.
Previous records work includes three vinyl LPs : -

The Things We Need- 1976 -
Recorded in Auckland NZ for WEA Records. Tracks included "All I Ever Needed" and "Faces In The Dark". Nominated for the APRA Silver Scroll finals in 1977.

Naked To The Sky - 1978
Recorded in Melbourne for CBS, featured several Little River Band Players , Tracks include "The Big Romance", "Heart Of Steel", and "Just Another Face".

Victim In Paradise - 1980
Recorded in Sydeny for CBS , with his band The Malcolm McCallum Band, and tracks incude "Forever", "Victim In Paradise", and "You Gotta Ride", as well as a cover of Carol King's "Goin Back".

A Question Of Love - 1981
The last single for CBS, produced by American Peter McIan who did the first Men At Work LP with Richie Canata, from Billy Joel's Band, on Sax

K.1.W.1. - 1988
A single performed with Mark Williams , the band included Ric Cunningham on sax from Joe Cockers band, Paul Kneipp on drums, Leon Gaer on Bass, recorded and produced by Rod Tamlyn, and a great Backing Choir of a whole lot of Kiwis in Sydney, like Sharon O'Neill and Jon Stevens and others.

The CD Stepping Stones was released in 2000, with favourable reviews in many KWI papers and magazines. The CD is currently only available through this website, so send an email.
There are 12 original songs on Stepping Stones:

1. Mean Streak
2. Blind To Reason
3. Won't Be Giving Up Easily
4. Show Feelings Again
5. It's Not A Question Of Love
6. Not Losing
7. Love Ain't Easy
8. Love It Or Leave It
9. Nothing Else Matters
10. Captivated
11. She's Got Lovin'
12.Lovin' Arms