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April 05

Here's a few bits of news with what I've been up to lately, and hopefully what I can get finished in the next few months.
Firstly, I am part way through my new CD, I have most of the material written and some songs are recorded, although most are still have a few things to fix, like lead vocals and such!! Of course I'm still finishing writing a couple more songs, but have a lot of new material written over the last couple of years, and have been trialling versions of these and honing them a little at the Songwriters nights I host at Sky City. So the plan is to power into and finish this CD soon...

Second, Chet and I are going to record a CD of what we do at degree, it is such fun, and has grown over the time we've been there into something quite different. This at the moment will be a few covers and a few originals, the covers being stuff that we have developed our own versions of.

Third, I plan to do some showcase gigs at the Empire, during NZ Music month in May with Chet, and to also get out of town a little more to do what we do at degree elsewhere.

I have some music coming up on TV again, as part of the trout fishing series "Dream Rivers Downunder", which will air soon on TV One here in NZ.

I am also involved with the "Weekend Warriors" here in Auckland, and we have the first concert for this year at the Empire scheduled for Sunday May1st. This is for musicians who are not professionals but love to play, and get in a band, get coaching and perform in a rock concert. This is run through the musicworks stores currently only in Auckland, but looking at going national soon.

There is every chance we will be down in the Manawatu at Labour day Weekend, October 2005, as my old school Freyberg High has it's 50th reunion, so it's a good excuse, and we can do a gig or two down there at the same time.

Chet and I are also planning to do a few gigs in and around Christchurch, possibly in June 05.

That's about it for now , and thanks for your interest in my music, Regards, Mal